Unlocking the Power of Your DNA

supergenesReview of Super Genes by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph E. Tanzi

Nature versus nurture has always been a hot topic.
In this book from Chopra and Tanzi, a follow-up to their New York Times bestseller Super Brain, they turn genetics on its head. They surmise that while one may have a natural genetic propensity for certain things (diseases, behaviours and the like), one’s DNA can in effect be switched on and off, turned up and down and otherwise modified for the greater good of the body. DNA isn’t set, it’s modifiable. And one can start making modifications today to show up in the structure of their chromosomes not generations down the line but tomorrow. The key? Life experiences. It’s down to the mind. It’s about what and how one chooses to think as well as one’s actions. There are many things one can do including following an anti-inflammatory diet, taking regular exercise, getting enough quality sleep, daily meditation, implementing stress-lowering methods and effectively dealing with emotions.
The authors provide ‘menus’ of actions one can take in each of these categories, ranging from easy to more difficult and experimental.
And these will all contribute to creating a healthy and flourishing epigenome – a field of compounds and proteins that regulate DNA – and microbiome – the community of bacteria that inhabit our bodies and which vastly outnumber genes.
The first part of the book goes into the nitty gritty of genetics and some surprising facts emerge, all backed up with scientific data. For example consuming a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice along with a greasy fast food meal can cancel out the inflammatory effects. Not that this gives one carte blanche to eat unhealthy food. On the contrary, it’s that there really are superfoods and super methods that impact the epigenome and microbiome and it makes sense to use or do as many of them as possible.
It’s a case of we aren’t what we already are but we can be what we consciously choose to become.
Part two is the how-to section, which explains the methods one can take to transform your building blocks into a harmonious foundation. From eating more hot sauce to thinking of one thing to be grateful for each day to more experimental but no less valid practices such as adopting a vegan diet, these are solid ways in which to manifest a change in your overall wellbeing which is largely dictated by what’s going on in your system. So it’s prudent to take care of that system, and it’s not difficult especially if you take the authors’ suggestion to just make one change, choose one process a week to do on a daily basis. After a year that’s 52 changes which will have a significant effect on your DNA.
The final section offers ideas and data about how evolution may not be the correct way of seeing things and that in fact DNA can be changed in real-time. This means what we do today, affects us in the here and now and sends ripples into our futures.
The ideas that you are what you eat and you are what you think have been around for a while. This stimulating book explains the reasons why and what practical steps you can take to activate the natural power of your genes to nurture supreme health and well-being.
–Review by Nelly Bright
Nelly Bright is a Londoner who loves to travel, both physically and via the pages of a book and her imagination. An intuitive who works with healing energies, she’s an avid reader of non-fiction and classics.

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