The Spirit of the New Consciousness

Over the years, I’ve read thousands of articles and books and met many teachers and practitioners in the new consciousness genre. Each piece of information I’ve gleaned is rather like a mosaic – some fit my worldview, some have made me change it, and others I’ve discarded. One teacher may be very persuasive, and then another comes along with a very different perspective. One of the things I’ve come to appreciate is that because people are on very different paths and stages in their journeys, the kind of message they need at one level may be very different from what they need at the next.
It is rather like being on different points around the rim of a giant wheel. It may seem like we are on opposite sides, yet we are all moving along the spokes at our own pace towards the same hub. That center toward which we all are moving is, I believe, the realization of our connection to the source of creation and our connection to each other.
We review a wide range of titles on New Consciousness Review, because we understand that what resonates with one person will be very different from what will resonate with another. As long as a book or film serves to move a person towards their own awakening or personal growth, we will try to support it. All the books on NCR promote the expansion of awareness in one way or another, although I would be the first to urge skepticism, as Don Miguel Ruiz says in the Fifth Agreement. Equally, I would invite everyone to listen to what others have to say with respect and curiosity, and then make up your own mind.
I know for myself, that my worldview is constantly evolving, in part due to the books I read and the teachers I meet, in part due to observation and contemplation. I believe we are all healers and intuitives, but if I were sure I had “the answer,” I fear that would be the end of growth. For me it is only my current working hypothesis.
The conscious authors and artists we feature are putting their hearts and souls on the line to express their unique vision and contribute to the global awakening. Despite the impression one gets from the mass media, they are succeeding and we will support them in every way we can.

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