The Mystical Side of France

franceA Guide to Mystical France: Secrets, Mysteries, Sacred Sites by Nick Inman has gone straight to my holiday shopping list. If you’ve ever dreamt of visiting France, this would be the guidebook I would choose. Even if you are only an armchair tourist, this richly illustrated book offers enough history and local color to make you feel you’ve been there. Inman is a British-born travel writer and photographer who has traversed and researched France for 15 years, particularly the mystical places and legends. From stone-age paintings and monuments to the Templars, Mary Magdalene, the Cathars and alchemists, the book weaves together riveting nuggets of esoteric information and beautiful pictures to present a fascinating guide to France’s rich and mysterious mystical past.

It is very intelligently organized, with the first part dedicated to history and legend, and categorized by subject matter, like Gods, Romanesque, Cathars, etc. The second part is the travel guide divided geographically. In the end notes you will find general information, including the pilgrimage routes. Really quite a delightful book.

–Miriam Knight

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