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murphyThe Joseph Murphy Treasury

Kudos to Tarcher Penguin for having the imagination to bring together into one volume, 24 books and pamphlets from the redoubtable Joseph Murphy, one of the most articulate exponents and popularizers of New Thought and the Law of Attraction. I was rather intimidated when I opened the package to find this gargantuan tome of almost 1000 8.5 x 11 pages. It is certainly not something that you set out to read from cover to cover, but dipping into it randomly has been a delight.

Irish-born Murphy was a remarkable individual who became a Jesuit priest, but left the priesthood and moved to the United States after a profound experience with the power of healing prayer. In America he resonated strongly with Church of Divine Science, eventually becoming a minister of one of the largest New Thought congregations in the country. Murphy quotes passages from the Bible throughout his works, however the God he presents is a universal, loving and creative spirit that is present everywhere, including and especially in one’s heart, not the wrathful God who condemns sin. Murphy interprets the words of Jesus to support his conviction that with the right frame of mind and spirit we too are able to create healing and miracles in our lives.

He shows how the Law of Attraction, so often invoked today, is simply the response of the Universe to the power of positive prayer, where one envisions a desire in the present as being already fulfilled. The usefulness of the book is, perhaps, in its exposition of myriad ways that we can discover and reconnect with the source of divine love that animates our being, and thus bring health, happiness and success into our lives.

This passage is a good example of his philosophy: “There is only fear and love. Fear is love in reverse. Love frees; it gives; it is the spirit of God. Love builds the body. Love is also an emotional attachment. So fall in love with peace, gentleness, success, goodwill, and harmony, for this form of love casts out fear.”

Anyone with deep religious roots who has been looking for a way to reconcile their traditions with a more universal worldview should resonate strongly with this book. Even those not from a Christian background should still be able to appreciate the beauty of the vision presented of the path to a world filled with peace, harmony and abundance that is rooted in love.

–Review by Miriam Knight

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