The Inner Life of Animals:

Love, Grief, and Compassion—Surprising Observations of a Hidden World
Peter Wohlleben
Did you know certain species of birds mate and sleep while airborn? That a tick, (those teensy vampires), can go almost a year between meals? That pigs prefer to be clean, designating an area for their toilet, and squirrels can’t seem to remember where the heck they hid their acorns? New York Times bestselling author of The Hidden Life of Trees delves into the fascinating inner world of animals with scientific relish and a healthy dose of wit. Through his insightful stories, you’ll learn about two-timing magpies, scheming roosters, regretful rats, and other creatures we know from the outside, and can now glimpse on the inside. So, the next time you wonder if deers grieve; or if your child asks, “Do horses get embarrassed?” you’ll have an answer. Greystone Books, $24.95
–Reviewed by Diane Holcomb, East West Bookshop

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