The Adam Enigma by Ronald C. Meyer and Mark Reeder

adam-copyI don’t read much fiction, but I couldn’t put this novel down. I took it with me everywhere, in the car, on walks, and it was absolutely riveting. It’s the story of a human geographer, a specialist in the anthropology of place, who pursues the study of the cultural stories that arise around different places throughout history. He is called in to investigate healings that are taking place at a shrine in New Mexico. Now, the phenomenon of spiritual healing, like what you see at shrines like Lourdes in France, can threaten established religions, so they want to have control over any healing that may be associated with Jesus or Mary. True spiritual healing is such a powerful force that other groups in the book also have a lively interest in controlling or exploiting this phenomenon. One charismatic evangelical leader doesn’t want competition, while another group wants to kidnap the healer at the shrine and use his powers for commercial gain.

These three themes intermesh in a story of international intrigue that is difficult to put down. I found particularly intriguing the notion that anyone can develop healing abilities and act as a portal between the divine and a place. There are many enlightened beings ministering in the world today who channel these healing energies, teaching us raise our vibration and increase our own healing abilities. Just think if more of us were able to learn to heal and connect directly to the Divine, what the world could be. I found this wonderful combination of page-turning mystery and deep spiritual questions delicious food for contemplation. Warmly recommended.

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