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Experiencing Spirituality: Finding Meaning Through Storytelling

Stories concentrate and release their strength over time, each new remembering offering fresh perspectives and awareness.  The idea of a mere or “pure” sequence of isolated events may be thinkable or conceivable, but it is not experience-able. An “event” is already something that takes time, has temporal thickness, a beginning and an end. Life is […]

Comic Book or Graphic Novel?

Apparently you really can do anything with words and pictures. Cartoonist or writer? Comic book or graphic novel? Drawing or visual creative writing? There’s a hybrid of comic books—or novels, depending on your POV—created by literary artists, which resides both in the comic books section and alongside literary works, that resists definition. The distinction from […]

November 25: National Day of Listening

The National Day of Listening is an unofficial observance in the U.S. Started in 2008, it’s a terrific idea sponsored by National Public Radio and StoryCorps. So far, the annual campaign has prompted the telling of thousands of personal stories that now are saved for posterity. From U.S. presidents  to people living in remote villages, […]