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The (not so) Little Book of Surprises

By Deirdre Hade and Will Arntz, photographs by Endre Balogh This beautiful coffee table book spans the distance from head to heart, reverberating back and forth with the occasional detour to the funny bone. Deirdre Hade’s poetry – alternately ethereal, humorous, and downright cheeky – subtly leads the reader into a contemplation of the eternal […]

Living Your Life with Integrity

Excerpt from Grist for the Mill, by Ram Dass: “I really want to be a good yogi, and I am trying very hard to purify myself, but it’s so hard. What’s wrong? Purification is an act of letting go. In one of the Gospels it says that men need not disfigure their faces in order […]

Advance Buzz: Nautilus Book Awards – Silver

The 2014 Nautilus book Awards will be officially announced May 15, but here at NCReview we have “insider information” that we get to share with our readers. Congratulations to author Gary Sherman for Perceptual Integration: The Mechanics of Awakening. Perceptual Integration illuminates three key skills anyone can develop, that exercise the natural cooperative relationship of […]

What the Bleep?!* – Ten Years Later

What the Bleep Do We Know was in many ways a groundbreaking film ten years ago. Can you believe it’s been ten years since this film was released, followed two years later by The Secret — another “groundbreaking” film? What the Bleep was radical because it offered leading edge quantum physics principles, along with great […]

Do Not Get Stuck in Emptiness ~ Adyashanti

“Many spiritual seekers get “stuck” in emptiness, in the absolute, in transcendence. They cling to bliss, or peace, or indifference. When the self-centered motivation for living disappears, many seekers become indifferent. They see the perfection of all existence and find no reason for doing anything, including caring for themselves or others. I call this “taking […]

The Power of Positive Thinking

Mitch Horowitz is head of the Tarcher-Penguin publishing house, where he produces some of the most important books on America’s and Europe’s great spiritual teachers. In highlights of a recent interview with ReadtheSpirit dot com, Mitch talks about his new book, One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life.   DAVID: In One Simple […]

Growing Corn and Potatoes

A Personal Message from don Oscar Miro-Quesada “My cherished shamanic bodhisattva kin, Call it what you may: the Elixir, the Red Lion, the Philosophers Stone, the Great Work, etc. The alchemical rendering of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition shamanism has taken root in the world. I stand in awe and deep thanksgiving of the extraordinary welcoming received […]

The Power of Compassion

The Dalai Lama is perhaps the world’s most revered role model of compassion. In his book, The Middle Way, he constructs with his usual down-to-earth style an elegant argument for the power of compassion in cultivating a happy life. From there, he connects core ideas of Buddhist philosophy to the truths of our shared condition. […]