Sidewalk Oracles – Reading the Signs

moss-blogWouldn’t it be nice to discover that magic is real and all around us? By magic, I mean events that have no “rational” explanation in our 3-d world. Well Robert Moss has been teaching his students for many years how to pay attention to the synchronicities and other forms of communication the Universe uses when it wants to convey information to us for our benefit. According to Robert Moss, these communications can happen anywhere, and may take any form; they can come from the messages of the medium or from a divination system like the I Ching or tarot cards; they can come from snatches of conversation heard in the street (hence “Sidewalk Oracles”); from a song heard on the radio; or the Shelf Elves may cause a book to fall at your feet that has a message full of meaning for you.

The bulk of the book is full of examples and games you can play to experience the magic for yourself. They are all illustrated by anecdotes that one certainly could dismiss as coincidence, though with incalculable odds, or you could simply accept them as the gift of a loving God and marvel at the weird and wonderful workings of a connected universe. “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous,” as the old saying goes.

The author’s grace and fluidity as a writer makes it a delight to read. I particularly enjoyed his neologisms, such as kairomancer, describing one who is attuned to the whisperings of possibility within the synchronicities and prepared to take action to manifest them in one’s reality. The great gift of this book is that it encourages us to jump joyfully with both feet into the puddle of life and make the biggest splash that we are able. In fact, playing any or all of the games suggested by the author just might convince you that the world is indeed full of magic.
–Reviewed by Miriam Knight

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