Review Policy

Review Policy & Submission Guidelines

NCR is a comprehensive review site and reader community for books and films of the New Consciousness that will be relaunched shortly. What you see here is our blog, but we are continuing to review books and films and post them in preparation for the launch. If your title fits convincingly into one of the subcategories below, we will welcome your submission:

Self-published books must meet professional standards of content and editorial preparation. We cannot guarantee to review a book you submit to us. We certainly cannot guarantee to review it favorably.

We have two types of reviews:

1.     Editorial Reviews by NCR staff & volunteers

2.     Community Reviews, contributed by NCR community members.

1.  Editorial Reviews are either solicited by NCR in response to email pitches, or selected from review copies sent to us.

To request an Editorial Review, email us at or you can  send review copies to :

New Consciousness Review
PO Box 80547
Portland, OR 97219

We will give priority to titles approaching release or newly released. Galley or digital format is acceptable. We will only consider E-books for review submitted by NCR Premium Author Members. We regret that review requests are too numerous for us to send acknowledgements.

2. Community Reviews and Listing a Book on our Site – If you are an author, publisher or publicist, you may want to become a member of NCR so you can list your own titles on the site. Once they are up, community members can add their own reviews and ratings. This is particularly useful for titles in the review process, titles that we may not select for reviewing ourselves, or titles published more than twelve months ago.

NCR basic membership is free. Please visit us in December to join the community of authors and readers.