Life and Death by Tim Braun

tim-braunThe job of a medium is to connect with dead people. It’s perfectly understandable that a child exhibiting this ability would either freak people out or be accused of an overactive imagination. Neither option is a lot of fun for a kid, so it’s understandable that Tim Braun suppressed this ability for many years. It is fortunate that he met James Van Praagh, and was able to accept and develop his abilities under James’s guidance. Tim has now fully embraced his role as a medium, and 13,000 sittings later, he has penned a wise, compassionate and useful book, rich with the insights into the grieving process that he has accumulated over his 20 years of helping people to connect with lost loved ones.

Even though it frequently means experiencing in his own body of the pain and anguish of the passing, the comfort and joy that he is able to bring to people by demonstrating to them without a shadow of a doubt that their loved ones are still with them has been a rich reward for him.

The stories of the messages he has been able to deliver are very moving, but this book has a broader goal. With so much experience dealing with grief, Tim is able to offer a wide range of concrete steps not only to overcome one’s grief, but also in a real sense to continue the communication on their own. He offers a good range of suggestions on how to do so.
When anyone, whether grieving or not, is able to truly accept that death is not the end, life takes on new meaning. Tim shares perspectives on the purpose and mystery of life from both sides of the veil, and urges the reader to live life to the absolute fullest. Citing a study from a nurse that listed the top 10 regrets of patients on their deathbed, the number one regret was, “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

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