ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future

by Jamaica Stevens

You hear stories all the time of the challenges we face as a global village, whether it’s problems between humans, between humans and the environment, or within our own selves. Maybe you’re fed up hearing about problems. What about solutions? Organizational Design Consultant Jamaica Stevens gathered stories of leaders, artists, writers, and Visionaries who are spearheading projects or blazing trails in leaving this planet a better place for future generations. Their positive approaches, opinions, tips, and wisdom on building stronger organizations and communities—along with photographs, visionary art, and valuable resources—make up ReInhabiting the Village. Organized by subjects, including community building, health and healing, art and culture, learning and education, permaculture, event production, and appropriate technology, there’s plenty of information to inspire anyone who wants to join this movement toward human potential. The book is part of a multi-media project that includes an additional hands-on workbook, eBook, and interactive website. (Robert D. Reed Publishers, 2016)

-Reviewed by Diane Holcomb, East West Bookshop

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