Psychics Come Out

I recently reviewed memoirs from two ladies who had some really far out experiences that they reluctantly came to accept as reality. They both were what you would call normal, everyday people who weren’t even spiritually inclined.

As a child, Suzanne Jauchius (author of You Know Your Way Home ) knew things before they happened, but pushed away her gifts because her family thought it was unnatural or wicked. It was only when she was able to help police solve cases that she accepted the value of her gift and “came out”.

Adventure writer Jessica Maxwell, author of Roll Around Heaven , started by seeing the face of her just-deceased father in the sky like a hologram – and her sister a thousand miles away reported seeing the same thing! It got her attention, but it took an escalating string of manifestations before she accepted her new role as a psychic.

It is easy to read about psychics and shrug your shoulders, but I have now read so many stories like this, and met so many people who have had equally weird experiences (including myself,) that I have come to believe in unseen intelligence acting in the world. I even wonder if there is anyone out there who has not had some unexplained experience that that you buried away so no one would think you were crazy.

In the age of science and reason, it became a mark of enlightenment to reject superstition and blind faith. What is so interesting about the time we are now in, is the use of science to explain phenomena we had previously rejected.  It is a full turn around the spiral towards understanding how the world works.

So I say to all you closet psychics out there, it’s safe to come out. Both science and reality are on your side.

–Miriam Knight

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