Enlightenment Sprouting in Kids TV

A harbinger of a spiritual spring? Sprout, the first 24-hour preschool destination available on TV, on demand and online for kids ages 2-5, announces the exclusive U.S. launch of dirtgirlworld, the first green living series for preschoolers. “Sprout’s Dig Into Earth Day with dirtgirlworld” marathon will air on Sprout from noon – 3 p.m. ET […]

Tipping Point for Digital Publishing

I predict that Apple’s iPad, which sold 300,000 on its first day out, will be seen as the tipping point technology for the publishing industry! Already, a possibly nervous Amazon announced that they are offering free Kindle reading apps for your PC and iPhone. You can now choose from over 450,000 Kindle books, plus thousands […]

Psychics Come Out

I recently reviewed memoirs from two ladies who had some really far out experiences that they reluctantly came to accept as reality. They both were what you would call normal, everyday people who weren’t even spiritually inclined. As a child, Suzanne Jauchius (author of You Know Your Way Home http://www.ncreview.com/you-know-your-way-home ) knew things before they happened, […]

Hello world!

What an interesting web of interconnection is being created here. Let’s hope that coming together virtually translates into more compassion and understanding among people, and that we truly learn to love our neighbors in this global village as ourselves.