Vote for Sanity!

Jon Stewart said at his Rally to Restore Sanity, “The press can hold its magnifying glass up to our problems, bringing them into focus,…or they can use that magnifying glass to light ants on fire, and then perhaps host a week of shows on the dangerous, unexpected flaming ants epidemic. If we amplify everything, we […]

Love, Harmony & Manifestation

Having reviewed his books and interviewed him several times, I really respect Gay Hendricks’ expertise in the human heart and psyche.  Now he has come out with a multimedia relationship program called “The Relationship Catalyst” that he developed with his wife, Kathlyn Hendricks. The Drs. Hendricks are known internationally as relationship experts, and they have […]

The Perfect Gene Diet

The future of medicine is rushing in and author Pamela McDonald, an integrative-medicine nurse-practitioner, is pointing the way. The Perfect Gene Diet is not a “diet” in any sense of weight-management. Rather, it is a guidebook for healthy living (food, environment, and mental/emotional health) based on what gene (pair) type we have for the biochemical […]

The Future in the Stars

Alison Chester-Lambert works as a professional astrologer, author and broadcaster in England. She is the founder of the Midlands School of Astrology and broadcasts horoscopes for the BBC. Alison recognised that something big is afoot, and wanted to interpret it for people, so she wrote “The Future in the Stars – the Astrological Message for […]

Knock and the Door Will Open

This is another worthwhile, well-written self-help book, filled with sound guidance, useful techniques, and real life anecdotes that are easy to relate to and understand, written by psychic Jeffrey Wands. A section on feng shui and energies within your home and relationships was an unexpected surprise that I especially enjoyed. It has all the right […]

A Writer’s Book of Days

“Coming again and again to the same place, mindful and with intention, writing practice becomes a spiritual act. When you enter into your writer’s soul, you are treading upon sacred ground.” Perhaps the highest compliment I can give to this book is that even if I weren’t a writer or interested in writing, I would […]

The Female Vision: Women’s Real Power at Work

Typically, the corporate world is still dominated by men with unexamined masculine attitudes and conditioning. Women within this subculture have essentially three choices about how they navigate any kind of success: adopt the prevailing masculinized practices, withdraw and betray themselves, or own their intrinsic value and take initiative. Authors Sally Helgessen and Julie Johnson shed […]

Wake Up!

This is a film about a young man named Jonas who is just an ordinary struggling filmmaker one day, and the next discovers he can see energies, entities, spirits, geometric patterns of light, auras and so on. Six years later, he is still seeing light energies and spirits, and has learned a lot about what […]