How to be Everything

A Guide for Those Who (Still) Don’t Know What They Want To Be When They Grow Up by Emilie Wapnick

As a child, when an adult asked about your future career plans, did you have a different answer every month? A veterinarian. An astronaut. A famous singer. Have you narrowed it down, now that you’re an adult, or do you have a string of descriptions for what you do? I’m an actress/musician/blogger/novelist/tap dancer/book buyer/The Duchess of Calm.

Contrary to what others may think (she’s a slacker, unable to commit to one thing), the good news for those of us who have varied interests and creative pursuits: we’re not flaky, we’re multipotentialites! According to TED speaker and career coach Emilie Wapnick, when it comes to your life’s work, there are four multipotentialite models: having one multifaceted job where you wear many hats; having two or more part-time gigs; working one full-time job and pursuing passions on the side; or focusing on one career at a time, then starting a new one.

In How to be Everything, Wapnick explores the strengths of multipotentialites, and offers strategies for designing your career and life around your skills and personality. If you’re wondering how you’ll find time to fulfill all your passions and still maintain balance, she gives tips for building a personal productivity system. If you struggle with fear, resistance, or self-doubt, you’ll find tools to address your stumbling blocks. This book will appeal to readers who loved Barbara Sher’s Refuse to Choose. And it’s a great gift for grads!

-Reviewed by Diane Holcomb, East West Bookshop


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