Google Editions – E-books in the Cloud

At the 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair, Google gave more details about the previously announced Google Editions, a hosted electronic bookstore for a selection of in-print books which will be provided by Google’s publishing partners. This summer, Google will enter the e-book market with an innovative, e-book venture dubbed Google Editions—a cloud-based platform the company says operates under a simple mantra: buy anywhere, read anywhere.

An upcoming panel at Publisher’s Weekly Think Future discussion series, THE BOOK ON GOOGLE: Is the Future of Publishing in the Cloud?, features Abe Murray, Product Manager, Google Books; Chris Palma, Strategic Partner Development, Google; Abe Murray, Product Manager, Google Books; Evan Schnittman, Oxford University Press; and Richard Curtis, Richard Curtis Associates, E-Reads.
DATE: Tuesday, May 4, 2010 | TIME: 8:30-9AM (Registration); 9-10:30 AM (Panel) LOCATION: Random House, Louis L’Amour Room (14th fl), 1745 Broadway (at 55th Street), New York, NY 10022 For more information, see the Publisher’s Weekly website.

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