Dear Human – A Manifesto of Love

courtneyCourtney Walsh’s brand of spiritual teaching is of the wrestle-you-down-to-the-yoga-mat-until-you-stare-your-beliefs-in-the-face-and-squirm variety. And she’s funny, to boot. Her new book, Dear Human, builds upon the Facebook meme she started about unconditional love that has gone wildly viral. The book is part stream-of-consciousness memoir and part satsang with a very hip guru. This gal’s spiritual and emotional baggage has a travel sticker from every conceivable state. She has so been there and done that, that her closet must be full of T-shirts of every conceivable hue. Happily, she was smart enough to milk the wisdom out of every situation, and witty enough to both tickle and captivate us with her original and cheerily profound take on turning life’s lemons into the champagne of lemonade.

Her writing style is unique, and you can practically hear her voice alternately cooing and haranguing you into getting over your hang-ups about perfection, and to start living your life with all the juice and joy you can muster.
Warmly recommended.

–Reviewed by Miriam Knight

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