Cool Gift Book: Oneness, The Pearls by Rasha.

onenessWhat a great idea – to collect just the lollipops of wisdom from a very long book and present them in categories! I can think of a bunch of other authors who might benefit from doing this too. Rasha extracted the quotable pearls from her classic 400-page book, Oneness, published in 2003, and displays them across sumptuous photos that bring the words to life. Think Pinterest on steroids. The quotes are arranged by theme and are perfect for quick dips or extended inspirational reading.

Here are some examples from the book that I found particularly appropriate to the season and world events:

“There are no right or wrong roads to Oneness, and no predictable way of determining which of the infinite number of possible routes is the most direct. For, each journey is unique. “

“If all were whistling the same one note, there would be no music.”

“The differences that divide you are the very concepts that, ultimately, you will embrace as a unified race of beings. The momentum for the transcendence of those differences is the hallmark of these times of transformation.”

This is a beautiful book that would grace any coffee table or nightstand.


–Reviewed by Miriam Knight

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