Change the Story of Your Health

Carl Greer offers an interesting and original perspective on what it takes to be healthy and even to turn around states of ill health. The author is a fascinating combination of clinical psychologist, Jungian analyst and shamanic practitioner, and it’s the mind-magic synthesis of these skills that makes this book so unique and useful. The first step is for the reader to understand what beliefs they have – their story – that might be determining their physical and emotional challenges and how they play out in their body and their health.

To arrive at an understanding of what is going on under the surface of our conscious mind, Greer suggests a number of techniques, including meditation and journaling, as well as detailed questionnaires to lead the reader through an exploration of his or her own issues. The underlying message is that one first needs to understand how you got to where you are and then take responsibility for reframing your mind/story in order to open the way towards regaining your health. There are obviously many factors that play into one state of health, however Greer makes a very powerful case for the most important one of these being one’s beliefs.

Shamanic techniques like journeying and connecting with the healing power of nature are also described in detail, as is the very sensible observation that as time passes your health story does change. How rapidly and in what direction is, he suggests, up to the individual. It’s all a matter of choice, focus and practice.

-Reviewed by Miriam Knight

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