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Amazing and True Adventures of Lee Elders

 Excerpt From Chapter 1 – Little Hell: “Infiernilios was a ghost river. It wasn’t found on Ecuadorian maps and defied definition in my Spanish dictionaries, yet was referred to by the locals as Little Hell, an ominous title that stirred the fire of the villager’s souls. They said the river tumbled from the peak of […]

A Life-Altering Moment

“I was excited to get back to the gang at work after a week off between Christmas and New Years. 1985 was going to be my year, I thought as I straightened my favorite red Italian tie. I had a gorgeous redhead for a wife, we’d just moved to the apartment of my dreams overlooking […]

Women Leading Change

Feminine Power co-founder Claire Zammit interviews Marianne Williamson about her decision to run for office in the U.S. House of Representatives, and you can listen to this powerful and compelling dialogue by clicking here. During this special dialogue, Marianne and Claire discuss: Why it matters that people with conscious values have a seat at the […]

Farewell and Godspeed

“The Beyond Words family was saddened by the loss of Cynthia M. Black, our president and editor in chief. She passed away in her beloved Hawaii at the age of 61. As a long-time friend put it, ‘She was a woman on a mission and that mission was to help enlighten the world through books […]

International Peace Day

September 21, 2013:  International Day of Peace On September 21st, 2013 we invite you to organize and participate in live gatherings in your city at 12 am, 12 Noon, and 12 Midnight GMT . At these same times, thousands more will connect virtually via audio webcasts and online forums, participating in three deep planetary Pulses […]


An American guru apologizes and steps down from leadership, both within his organization and the spiritual community. Repeated allegations of tyrannical conduct and financial and mental (but not sexual) abuse of  Andrew Cohen’s (EnlightenNext) followers have emerged increasingly over the years. In response, he made a public (but quiet) apology on his blog and resigned […]

A Gesture of Peace

John Hunter, a gifted teacher and a gift to education and humankind, said something in his TedTalk so moving that my heart swooned. He was giving a brief account of his background and how he came to teaching 4th graders the “Peace Game” (a continuation of the World Peace Game invented by Buckminster Fuller as […]

Third Time’s a Charm

Springtime is in the air and in my step today. The dandelion spores fall like like snow against the backdrop of dark evergreens, glowing in the sunlight. Playfully I try to catch them. I raise my arm and as one gets near my hand I swipe at it. But it is so light that the […]