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The Maitreya Heart Shrine Relic Tour

In Tibet, after the cremation of a high lama, his closest disciples immediately begin to search for the Ringse crystal in  the ashes. The Ringse crystal is believed to be situated in the heart, and contains a deposit of psychic energy which has the quality of indestructibility and vitality. This crystal looks like a small […]

Hajj: The Experience of a Lifetime

“Each year for 14 centuries, Muslims have journeyed to Mecca for Hajj. Warring nations, drought and dangerous terrain have not stopped pilgrims from completing the final Pillar of Islam and following in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad. Though today’s pilgrims experience far fewer obstacles on the way to Hajj than their ancestors did—who, in […]

BRACO’s SILENT GAZE: A Portal into Transformation

by Pamela Bloom Can full, transformative healing come about in the blink of an eye? Do we need years of therapy to overcome serious physical and emotional abuse issues? Can depression, arthritis, even cancer be dissolved by a simple Silent Gaze? Can a city as big as New York City be transformed–even for a day–into […]

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

August 9: ” The International Day of the World’s Indigenous People (9 August) was first proclaimed by the General Assembly in December 1994, to be celebrated every year during the first International Decade of the World’s Indigenous People (1995 – 2004). In 2004, the Assembly proclaimed a Second International Decade,  from 2005 – 2014, with […]

The Question of Being

“Above the entrance to the Oracle at Delphi were written the words, ‘Know Thyself’. Jesus came along and added a sense of urgency and consequence to the ancient idea when he said, ‘If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is […]

Dorothy Maclean–The Last Findhorn Co-Founder

At 93 years young, Dorothy Maclean is the last of the three Findhorn co-founders and is once again living at Findhorn in northeast Scotland as an active, vibrant member of the community. Her most recent e-book, Messages from God, describes messages that Dorothy received prior to her contacting the Devic Kingdom. (The Devic Kingdom is […]