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LOUISVILLE, CO (November 2, 2012) –-Beyond  Belief with George Noory, a new TV show exploring the unknown and mysteries of the universe, will debut on GAIAM,  Friday, November 30th.  Noory is host of Coast to Coast AM, the most-listened-to overnight radio program in North America.  Nationally syndicated by Premiere Networks, the program is heard […]

Thinking Quantum

NCR member authors Dianne Collins  – and Philip Mereton team up with physicist Fred Alan Wolf to discuss “What Quantum Theory Tells Us about the World. ” Host of the internet radio show “Conversations Beyond Science and Religion,” Philip Mereton had the creative brainstorm to bring the physicist and author, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf (aka […]

Revolution In Science – Evolution In Consciousness

The Birth of the Akasha Paradigm Written by Ervin Laszlo Fundamental shifts are on the horizon. Before this watershed year 2012 is over, a thorough transformation will get off the ground in economics and in business, as well as in politics and in civil society. These “worldshifts” include a major development in science: a paradigm-shift. Science […]

Kickstarting the Book of Daniel 2012

The extraordinary visionary artist, Daniel Holeman is working on an inspiring book project called Awaken Visions: The Book of Daniel 2012, a collection of his best artwork, along with his insights on living from an awakened perspective. Daniel says of his Mission, “My primary role in Life is that of a Spiritual Guide and Messenger […]

The Veils are Getting Thinner

Long ago, psychics were known as soothsayers, or oracles, and they were both revered and feared for their gift of sight. The Age of Reason brought that era to an end, and ever since, psychics and psychic communication have lived largely on the fringe of mainstream awareness or acceptance. Modern times and the Age of […]

Report from INATS – the New Age Trade Show

It’s funny how New Age concepts like psychic communication and Past Lives are moving into the mainstream. Miriam Knight taped this week’s show amid the hustle and bustle of the International New Age Trade Show in Denver. She interviewed three authors, each with a fascinating story to tell about how Spirit tapped them to become […]

ETs Have Always Been Among Us

Listen to our live interview with Paul Von Ward on Contact Talk Radio, Tuesday May 8th at 9am PDT. Paul is the author of We’ve Never Been Alone: A History of Extraterrestrial Intervention, and he will address some of the most provocative and fascinating questions in the universe. An interdisciplinary cosmologist and scholar, Paul has […]

Amazing Conversations

I get the impression that when spirits find a particularly talented medium they pile in like iron filings to a magnet, wanting to be heard. Cynthia Slon is an internationally acclaimed telepathic intermediary who has done readings for top business people and celebrities, like Shirley MacLaine, Sharon Osborne, Jerry Hall and others. She recently attracted […]

Developing Your Psychic Skills

Everyone is a little psychic. Little do many of us know, that 80 percent of our day-day problems and bigger life challenges are not our own. In fact, these irritations and troubles are often psychic in nature. In this NCR Radio interview with bestselling author and internationally renowned intuitive healer Cyndi Dale, we learn about […]