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Earth Angels: Chapter Nine

Doreen Virtue’s just released book, Assertiveness for Earth Angels, published by Hay House, Inc has been touted as “an amazing gift of inspiration and practical knowledge.” You can read an excerpt below: Chapter Nine: Toxic Relationships Earth Angels are “nice” people, with big, open hearts, so they can’t see when they’re involved in toxic relationships. […]

How Good Can It Get?

Cynthia Sue Larson’s latest book, Quantum Jumps, dives into the science of attainable  realities in the here and now: the past, future, other dimensions…Grounded in real life examples and written with Cynthia’s usual uplifting and accessible style, this book will shift your idea of what is possible. And her favorite question is, of course, “How […]

IGod — A Documentary

Rashmi Khilnani, author of Shiva Speaks (also The Divine Mother Speaks and Buddha Speaks), is a global metaphysical teacher, author, urban shaman, international lecturer, artist, seminar leader, and TV personality. She has been channeling the Ascended Masters for the last fifteen years, and making these teachings simple and accessible to people at all levels. She […]

Get Moving–Spiritually!

The following excerpt from Solomon Speaks is a glimpse into the storehouse of knowledge that Solomon offers, now chronicled in the book, Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life (Hay House),  by Dr. Eric Pearl And Frederick Ponzlov In case you missed this in the author blogs, it’s worth repeating: “Inner peace is a rhythm of […]

New World Library – Worth a Visit

Started on a shoestring thirty-five years ago by Marc Allen and Shakti Gawain, New World Library today is one of the key players in the new consciousness publishing arena. They published some of the most important books of the conscious awakening, including The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, which sold more than […]

Memoir of the Afterlife

Raymond Moody, best selling author, psychologist, and philosopher has dedicated his life to pursuing study of the afterlife. His seminal work, Life After Life, has completely changed the way we view death and dying and has sold over 13 million copies worldwide. A true pioneer, Moody is responsible for introducing the phrase “near death experience” […]

Revisiting Numerology

I am not a numerologist, but I do believe that numbers, like all things in the universe, have vibrations that resonate at certain frequencies, and that these frequencies interact, in varying degrees, with physical matter and events. On occasion, I like to “do the numbers” when I am planning  to make a change in my […]

Kundalini Awakening: Our Light Body

One of our members recently wrote to NCReview requesting a review of her just published e-book on her kundalini awakening: Our Light Body: A Kundalini Awakening Testimonial.  Nothing unusual about that; obviously we receive many such requests. But what struck me is that the author, Betsy, has licensed her book under the Creative Commons License, […]