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Synchronicity: Empower Your Life with the Gift of Coincidence

Synchronicities “make us stop and think,” according to psychologist Chris Mackey. It’s the phenomenon whereby signs present themselves in patterns, offering a message that sings to our soul. Meaningful coincidences serve to light the way on our path and give us hope when one of the bulbs may have blown. They help us metamorphose spiritually. […]

A Quantum Approach to Understanding How We Think

Quantum Models of Cognition and Decision by Jerome R. Busemeyer and Peter D. Bruza While scientists have assumed that classical probability theory and logic was the best way to comprehend human cognition, research studies have found numerous aspects of cognition and decision to behave differently. The new field of Quantum Cognition presents us with new […]

Life and Death by Tim Braun

The job of a medium is to connect with dead people. It’s perfectly understandable that a child exhibiting this ability would either freak people out or be accused of an overactive imagination. Neither option is a lot of fun for a kid, so it’s understandable that Tim Braun suppressed this ability for many years. It […]

The Mystical Side of France

A Guide to Mystical France: Secrets, Mysteries, Sacred Sites by Nick Inman has gone straight to my holiday shopping list. If you’ve ever dreamt of visiting France, this would be the guidebook I would choose. Even if you are only an armchair tourist, this richly illustrated book offers enough history and local color to make […]

What the Bleep?!* – Ten Years Later

What the Bleep Do We Know was in many ways a groundbreaking film ten years ago. Can you believe it’s been ten years since this film was released, followed two years later by The Secret — another “groundbreaking” film? What the Bleep was radical because it offered leading edge quantum physics principles, along with great […]

COSMIC BEINGS IN SPACE/TIME – Webinar Series with Paul Von Ward

3-Part Online Seminar COSMIC BEINGS IN SPACE/TIME: Evolving Minds and Bodies through Reincarnation Third Seminar Sunday, 23 February 2014 11am Los Angeles • 2pm New York • 7pm London                 Part 1 Our Universe Inside Out with guest Miriam Knight Instant Download (see instructions below) Video: Click to […]

What’s Your Aura Color? – Quiz

Your Aura Colors – Signs of Stress & Tips to Be Happy By Pamala Oslie, renowned psychic and author of Life Colors, Love Colors, and Make Your Dreams Come True. “We all know that the holiday season can be the most stressful and that, ironically, many of us find ourselves strung out and unhappy at […]

Earth Angels: Chapter Nine

Doreen Virtue’s just released book, Assertiveness for Earth Angels, published by Hay House, Inc has been touted as “an amazing gift of inspiration and practical knowledge.” You can read an excerpt below: Chapter Nine: Toxic Relationships Earth Angels are “nice” people, with big, open hearts, so they can’t see when they’re involved in toxic relationships. […]