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Harry Potter Goes Digital

Harry Potter goes digital today at Pottermore, JK Rowling’s own marketing site. SONY e-reader is front-and-center in the marketing images: Pottermore.  The even bigger news is that an author is getting the biggest booksellers to send traffic to her site so readers can purchase books directly from her. You can get them through Kindle or […]

2012 IPPY Awards Entry Countdown

The entry deadline for the Independent Publisher Book Awards is only two weeks away…for submissions and details go to: “The Independent Publisher Book Awards (the “IPPYs”) are are intended to bring increased recognition to the thousands of exemplary independent, university, and self-published titles published each year. The awards are open to all members of […]

Blovel, wovel, blogfic…say what?

Yes, these are real words, although you won’t find them in the O.E. anytime soon. As the popularity of posting fiction on the web blossoms, particularly with the iGeneration (those born from the early-mid 1990s to the present) the terminology used to define the  formats becomes more and more –well, outrageous in my opinion. Below […]

Say It All in Six Words

The six-word memoir format: “Life’s stories distilled into six words.” Started by SMITH online magazine (2006) as a writing contest, and then blossoming into a project, the six-word memoir has quickly matured into a powerful, suprising, and organic form of biographical writing. The legend is that the six-word memoir was first introduced when Ernest Hemmingway […]

5 Easy Tips for Finding an Editor

I’ve had clients who have “hired’ their spouse to edit their manuscript, and while multiple readers can offer valuable insights and perspectives, unless your spouse is a skilled or seasoned editor, if you are serious about presenting a polished end result it’s best to send your manuscript to a professional editor. If you are uncertain […]

Apple Launches Free Self-publishing App

Apple just announced the launch of iBooks Author, a free app that allows anyone with a MAC to create and publish amazing Multi-Touch books for iPad. Now anyone can create stunning iBooks textbooks, cookbooks, history books, picture books, and more for iPad. iBooks provides Apple-designed templates that feature a wide variety of page layouts. Add […]

Plan Your 2012 Competition Entries Now

Mark your calendars for the Writer’s Digest competitions coming in 2012, noted below in a brief list.  Remember that winning a competition probably won’t change your life, but it may open the door for you to submit your work to be successfully published! 1.  Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards: Deadline April 20, 2012. Now accepting […]

Fun New Words

1. Cashtration (n.): The act of buying a house, which renders the subject financially impotent for an indefinite period of time. The Washington Post ran a contest inviting people to change common words around and create new words. Apparently the collection of entries has recently been recirculating; a little research indicates that this may the […]

Literary critic Christopher Hitchens dies after battle with cancer

British author, literary critic and journalist Christopher Hitchens, a sharp-witted provocateur who used his formidable learning, biting wit and muscular prose style to skewer what he considered high-placed hypocrites, craven lackeys of the right and left, “Islamic fascists” and religious faith of any kind, died Thursday “from pneumonia, a complication of esophageal cancer,” according to […]