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I’d Like to Eat Your Weeds

An excerpt from Dandelion Hunter: Foraging the Urban Wilderness, by Rebecca Lerner (Lyons Press): “The stranger walked across her front lawn to meet me at dusk. She waded through a wall of weeds as high as her hips, parting the sea of greens like a post-modern Moses. “Hi,” I said, standing on her driveway. “I’m […]

3 Steps to Heart-Based Living

By Ronna Prince Creator, Executive Producer, Songwriterof the New Film “Sacred Journey of the Heart” DIVE in, TUNE in, LIGHTEN up! It seems that now we are inundated with messages about living in the heart. It’s the latest catch-phrase. But really, what does it all mean? It means living in balance with emotions and thoughts. […]

The Religion of Humankind

“Perhaps the only viable global religion for the Third Millennium is spirituality itself – that is, the universally shared core of heart, love and high consciousness at the heart of all the world’s spiritual traditions.” Mike Morrell “There can be little doubt that traditional religious frameworks are no longer speaking to new generations as they have […]