Category: Conscious Living

The One Percent Rule

By Gina Gabellini Just because you’re getting stuff done doesn’t mean you’re happy, profitable, or growing your business. Let’s look at Jack’s business. He’s a truly intelligent man with a revolutionary way of helping mid- to large-size companies create rock star teams. When people hear Jack talk, they listen. He’s inspiring and innovative. Jack built […]

The Inner Life of Animals:

Love, Grief, and Compassion—Surprising Observations of a Hidden World Peter Wohlleben Did you know certain species of birds mate and sleep while airborn? That a tick, (those teensy vampires), can go almost a year between meals? That pigs prefer to be clean, designating an area for their toilet, and squirrels can’t seem to remember where […]

ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future

by Jamaica Stevens You hear stories all the time of the challenges we face as a global village, whether it’s problems between humans, between humans and the environment, or within our own selves. Maybe you’re fed up hearing about problems. What about solutions? Organizational Design Consultant Jamaica Stevens gathered stories of leaders, artists, writers, and […]

Live, Love, Explore

Discover the Way of the Traveler: a Roadmap to the Life You Were Meant to Live by Leon Logothetis Bullied and called a loser as a kid, Leon Logothetis molded himself to fit into society, donning a suit and working an office desk job. But something called to him, the same thing that calls to […]

The Internet to the Inner-net by Gopi Kallayil

 Five Ways to Reset Your Connection and Live a Conscious Life Are you overwhelmed by social media and technology? Are you feeling more and more disconnected from yourself and others as your life spirals into sensory overload? If so, this book is for you. Here is the support you need to tune up–and tune into–your […]