Bone Broth – From Ancient Cure to Miracle Meme

bone-brothA cup of bone broth several times a day seems to improve everything from IBS, Celiac and Insulin Resistance to wrinkles, hair, nails and Joint Pain. Even better, when combined with mini-fasts, it’s a no-hunger way to lose weight really fast and boost your immune system in the bargain. In just the last two and a half months, over 40 books on cooking and dieting with Bone Broth have been published, with a lot more on the way, so Grannie’s nostrum for all ills is making a big comeback. 

The science behind it is convincing, so I bought the top-rated book on the subject, Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet: Lose Up to 15 Pounds, 4 Inches–and Your Wrinkles!–in Just 21 Days. I made my first batch of bone broth as per instruction, and I must say that it is as delicious and satisfying as advertised. A single cup of broth will keep you going for hours, and my husband loves it too! Use her recipes or your imagination to spice up the basic broth any way you want. Bone broth can be made out of beef, poultry, fish or lamb, so you can accommodate most dietary preferences with a truly healing brew. You might find it challenging to find the ingredients in a chain supermarket, but I found Oriental markets a treasure trove for cartilaginous goodies like chicken feet , ox tail and beef tendon.

Cooking things from scratch is more time-consuming, but Dr. Kellyann shows how to cook ahead and simplify meals, so it is really doable, even with a crazy schedule. I was a bit put off by the feeling that Dr. Kellyann was trying to push her own supplements and products, but I guess that’s part of the territory for “a concierge doctor for celebrities in New York City and Los Angeles.” Looking through the Amazon excerpts of some of the other books, they all seem to be promoting the same principles:

Drink bone broth 2 times a day as a supplement , or 6 times a day during the recommended weekly or twice-weekly mini-fasts, which is where the real fat-burning occurs.

You are urged to adopt a diet that is essentially paleo by : no sugars, grains, dairy, soy or GMO foods, which are all inflammatory for most people; only “good” fats like coconut oil, butter (ghee), olive oil; try for organic, free range and grass fed as much as possible. Don’t forget to drink lots of water, stop eating when you’re full, exercise, get enough sleep (which should improve with this diet), think virtuous thoughts, etc.

These recommendations alone should help one’s health considerably, so how about the addition of bone broth – is it really that amazing, or just the latest meme or fad?

Well, I am trying it out, and will report back on how it is going. If you have tried it for yourself, drop me an email and let me know what results you’re getting.

UPDATE: Well, I didn’t stick to it as a diet since the weight loss really came from the intermittent fasting, which you can do with any diet. On the other hand, I have permanently incorporated both bone broth and grass-fed collagen powder into my diet, and I can report significant improvement in both skin appearance and disappearance of joint pain. My new favorite drink in the morning is fresh brewed organic coffee, wizzed up in the blender with collagen powder, coconut oil and ghee. It’s like Bulletproof coffee but with protein that you don’t taste, and it can keep you going for hours.

UPDATE #2: If you don’t have the time to make your own bone broth, I just came across this company, Cognitune, that makes bone broth concentrate, collagen, and MCT oil – and all from organic, grass-fed sources.

Here is their nifty graphic that tells you all about bone broth’s impressive benefits:



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