Invitation from Barbara Marx Hubbard ” 2012 Activation Day” on March 22

Birth 2012 – Get ready for Co-Creating a Planetary Shift on Dec. 22, 2012
Join Barbara Marx Hubbard, Celebrated evolutionary, prophetic voice for our times and  Stephen Dinan, CEO of The Shift Network for a powerful Visionary Activation on March 22nd, 2011 (5:30 pm Pacific)

Calling all visionaries, evolutionaries, change leaders and heart-centered humans to give their highest gifts to create a Planetary Birth Experience to shift our consciousness and evolve our world. Join us to be part of something historic!

You are invited to Activation Day – 21 months in advance of the day many luminaries are declaring as our Planetary Birth Day – the symbolic start of a new era in human evolution. Click here to register FREE:  The Shift Network 2012 Birth Activation Day
What if the collective anticipation of 2012 being a year of enormous change can become the truth?

What if Dec 21, 2012 marks the passing of one phase of evolution and Dec 22, 2012 marks “Day One” of the next epoch of evolution – the next 26,000 years. What if this Day is literally a Birth Day celebration of the emerging humanity?
The catch is that it likely won’t happen if we sit back and hope for something cosmic to happen. Instead, -we can decide to come together and co=create the greatest field of love, resonance and social synergy in the history of the world.
We have had our first Earth Day. Dec 22, 2012 can be our first Birth Day – a celebration of the emergence of ourselves as a new planetary species – just ready to take our first coordinated breath, open our collective eyes, and smile our first planetary smile.

Every group, culture. field, and faith will be needed to give their very best gifts to this birthing process in order to wake up together in time and avoid catastrophic breakdowns.  We need to make the Shift in time.

We are like imaginal cells in the body of the chrysalis requiring a signal to learn how to self-organize into a new social organism, a societal butterfly in which each of us is ever more free to express our heart’s desire and to give our gifts within the evolving whole.  What if this Birth Day celebration – this waking up and synergizing among ourselves-  is the vital evolutionary signal from a critical mass of us that we are ready to activate the emerging world?
Imagine on December 22nd, 2012: a visionary State of the Planet broadcast, global music and dance festivals, transformational local gatherings, collective synergy experiences, and the commitment by hundreds of millions to a new way of life.
Imagine the greatest state of mass coherence we’ve ever created.  What possibilities might be unleashed?
What if that is the Shift of ancient prophecies and that you can help create it?
Barbara Marx Hubbard, a futurist and evolutionary thinker, has stepped forward as our prophetic voice for this Day One event.  Deepak Chopra calls her “the voice for Conscious Evolution in our times.” She has become the subject of much excitement as more people recognize that she holds the codes that can help activate this historic birth.
For this free teleseminar event, she will paint a powerful picture of what is possible, both for the Planetary Birth Day AND the Global Conception Day 9 months in advance (March 22nd, 2012).  She will call all of us to step into our perfect role.
She will be joined by The Shift Network founder and CEO Stephen Dinan, who she sees as her key partner in architecting the larger activation.  He’ll elaborate on The Planetary Birth “Day One” vision with what The Shift Network is envisioning to support it.
By engaging in this event, you will:
·        Learn the “mother memes” that are key to the activation of a new era and the conscious evolution of humanity
·        Be inspired to offer your greatest gifts to the world
·        Receive a new template for social synergy
·        Renew and restore your hope in humanity turning the tide in time
·        Form a global community of pioneering souls
The Planetary Birthday event can become something unprecedented, seeding a new evolutionary template in the collective consciousness of our day.  Invite everyone you know who has intuited that they have some role to play in this collective Shift to come to this activation event! It will truly take all of us to create something historic.
Even if you can’t make the live event, register to get the free download so we know that you are called to play your role in this historic event.  The Shift Network 2012 Birth Activation Day

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