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The Power of Positive Thinking

Mitch-Horowitz-One-Simple-IdeaMitch Horowitz is head of the Tarcher-Penguin publishing house, where he produces some of the most important books on America’s and Europe’s great spiritual teachers. In highlights of a recent interview with ReadtheSpirit dot com, Mitch talks about his new book, One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life.


DAVID: In One Simple Idea you invite readers to explore the largely untold history of the idea that screams at us from the magazine racks, every day, as we check out at the grocery store. You’re talking about the foundational idea behind celebrity coaches such as Oprah, Joel Osteen, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz, right?

MITCH: Absolutely. They all are a part of this movement that I explore in the book. This idea of “the power of positive thinking” has touched every aspect of therapeutic and religious life in this country. It forms the operating instructions for every expression of self help and everything in medicine that seeks to probe a mind-body connection or the newer research that seeks to explore the placebo responses in life and health. This movement has reshaped our advertising and our political language. You can’t understand the story of how America formed itself over the past two centuries if you don’t understand the growth of this idea.

Just think for a moment about how slogans from this movement have reshaped American politics. We’ve seen the triumph of this idea in politics over the last several decades. Ronald Reagan used this so frequently: “Nothing is impossible.” People may not realize this, but if you look back: Dwight Eisenhower didn’t sound this way. Richard Nixon didn’t sound this way. Lyndon Johnson didn’t talk about the war on poverty in this way. The tenets of positive thinking changed the way presidents were expected to talk and Reagan demonstrated this so persuasively that Obama’s slogan, “Yes we can,” picked it up from him and took it further and touched people all across the nation. Remember that George H.W. Bush complained that he couldn’t get a handle on “the vision thing”—and it cost him a second term.

… DAVID: I appreciate your historical balance. You’re not trying to advocate for positive thinking—and you’re not trying to dismiss it. Whether your readers like or dislike positive thinking—you make the case that it’s a movement we all should understand. To borrow your own words: “The whole notion that the mind is causative is the most radical religious and psychological idea of our times.”

We’ve talked already about some of the positive outcomes of the movement. What are some of the mistakes?

MITCH: I think the biggest mistake of the movement is that a lot of men and women in this movement have tried to simplify the power of the mind into something like a big mental law. Many of them have given us their own version of that law. But there is no verification of one great, unified, mental super law. Does that mean that all the insights of the positive thinking movement are wrong? No. I would say it this way: The mind is one “cause” among many.

I think the truth is: We live under many laws. Many forces are at work in the world. We suffer. Things happen that we can’t control. Does the mind have real power in our lives? Research is showing us: Yes, it does. But it’s not the only power. For all of its limitations, though, the positive thinking movement has always been on the edge of redefining humanity’s view of itself. There is real value in understanding this movement.

DAVID: One last thing I want to point out to readers in this interview: If this subject is intriguing, then your book also serves up one of the most impressive “Notes on Sources” sections that I’ve seen in a long time. You give readers a 43-page section that serves as a road-map to learn more about the whole wide range of topics you raise in your book. That Notes section is a great reason to buy this book.

MITCH: I appreciate your noticing that. I wrote those Notes to be read. They’re not a technical afterthought. They’re not tedious, I hope. This is where the reader can go beyond this book. I want people to be able to reach this section of the book and feel as though I’m showing them beneath the floorboards, taking them up in the attic and guiding them toward places they can go to read much more, if they are interested in what they’re discovering.

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Showing Our Age…

Dear friends of New Consciousness Review,
We want to apologize for all the weirdness you may be seeing on the site, which is the result of creaky (and cranky) old versions of our programming platform getting away from us. We are beavering away on a shiny new version that we expect to upload by the end of the month, and we aren’t diverting development resources to patch any but the biggest leaks on the old site.

Please bear with us as we prepare for a robust and streamlined new NCR with all the features you would expect from the latest technologies. Thanks for your understanding and please visit us in May and let us know how you like the new face of NCR.

Love from Miriam, Julie and the NCR team!

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The Emissary

patricia coriPatricia Cori–Often Called a Real-Life Indiana Jones–Has Written the First of a Trilogy with a Mission!

In her exceptional debut novel, The Emissary, internationally renowned author, Patricia Cori, weaves a page-turning fantasy adventure that speaks to the very soul of the planet.

Excerpt from Chapter 2:  Jamie Hastings

“She grew up in San Francisco, the place to be “different” in the seventies—her college years. People used to say that everything crazy—every new wave—began there and then spread to the rest of America, before splashing over the rest of the world. It was no wonder that Silicon Valley sprang up nearby; this was one of the most likely places in all of America, maybe the world, for innovation and change.

Yes, indeed. San Francisco was the perfect place for a walker between worlds like Jamie Hastings to grow up in. Her soul had chosen wisely before coming in, born to a visionary mother like Amanda, and situated in one of sunny California’s most beautiful landscapes.

Her gifts became more acute with the onset of her twenties, and they did not go unnoticed. In fact, Jamie’s uncanny accuracy as a medium paid for her college education, since the New Age phenomenon seemed to have exploded there—right in her own backyard. She eventually got hired on at the Stanford Psychic Institute, where she was involved in extensive testing and experiments in all things paranormal, and there she established herself as one of the leading psychic visionaries in the country. Without even planning for it,

Jamie’s career and her life’s work revolved around that ability to connect with worlds beyond the veil, pulling images and information out of the ethers, and helping others see things they could not see—on levels many of them thought could not possibly exist.

After twenty years of working off and on at the Institute, and consulting privately—usually with people in distress—she went on to work with the Los Angeles Police Department. Over a five-year period, she solved numerous crimes, providing detectives with precise information that she picked up in visions—invisible details that were so accurate they would almost always lead the police straight to the criminal’s front door. After many years helping out the police and one too many gruesome murders, however, she grew tired of the work and had to leave. The violence weighed on her spirit, and the darkness of it all began to interfere with her personal life and her overall state of mind. When a television show was designed around her actual involvement as the Police Department’s psychic investigator, and she was able to see her clouded reflection in the portrayal made of her by the leading character, she realized it was time to move on.

As knowledge of her uncanny successes spread into the corporate world, people called upon Jamie to dowse for water and underground oil wells, and other commercial uses of her extraordinary gift. She traveled the world helping her clients locate the hidden, expose crime and corruption, and invoke the spirit realms for needed information—and she was good at it. In fact, she was the very best in her field.

It was that one day in New Zealand, however, that showed her what she had really come to do in this lifetime: her true purpose for being alive. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the death of the whales and dolphins had helped her finally realize who she was, and what she had come to Earth to do.

She knew her mission would lead her back to them. She knew she was an Emissary.”

Published by North Atlantic Books, March 4, 2014.

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The Sacred Promise:

gary_schwartz_1_jpeg_336x9999_q85How Science is Discovering Spirit’s Collaboration with Us in Our Daily Lives

by Gary E. Schwartz, PhD
An excerpt:
The Urgent Message of THE SACRED PROMISE

“Do spirits exist, and if so, can they play a useful if not essential role in our individual and collective lives?
Are there sources of invisible information and guidance waiting to be tapped and harnessed if we are just willing to listen?
If we, in our essence, are spirits too, can we come to see this possibility when we look at ourselves in the mirror? And can we draw on this great inner potential and power with wisdom and love to change our ways accordingly, before it is too late for humankind?
I believe that science not only can address such questions, but in the process can potentially help increase our ability to receive spiritual information accurately, and we can then act upon it safely and wisely.
There Is More Out There
We live in a critical time in human evolution. We are overpopulating the planet and making a mess of the earth in the process. The effects of our unchecked growth are widespread and well documented, from air and water pollution, through the destruction of plant and animal life, to economic and climate instability.
This clear message—that we must change ourselves first to make an impact on the world—is expressed in the mega hit “Man in the Mirror” composed by Siedah Garrett and Glen Ballard. Creative artists—be they writers, composers, or painters—often feel that information is sometimes given to them from an invisible source. They often claim to sense the earth’s pain and feel the need to do something about it.
A famous songwriter and spokesperson for personal and global change, as well as our contact with Spirit, was the late John Lennon. He said:
When the real music comes to me—the music of the spheres, the music that surpasseth understanding—that has nothing to do with me ‘cause I’m just the channel. The only joy for me is for it to be given to me and transcribe it. Like a medium. Those moments are what I live for.
Are people like John Lennon brilliant artists but bad psychologists? Are they just weird if not crazy? Or, have they “looked in the mirror” more deeply and honestly than most of us, and have they discovered something fundamental about human nature and spiritual reality in general?
And are deceased people such as sophisticated scientists like Albert Einstein or compassionate artists like John Lennon indeed still here, wishing to be of continued assistance to humanity and the planet as a whole? If they and higher spirit beings are showing up, in our laboratories and our personal lives, as we explore in this book, then it is only prudent that we try to establish contact.
For if ever there was a time to address the question of a possible Sacred Partnership between us and them, creatively and responsibly, this is it.
Integrating Personal Self-Science with Laboratory Science
The Sacred Promise is about this serious possibility. The book draws on core lessons gleaned from the methods of science that we can directly apply in our daily lives to potentially connect and communicate with Spirit, to seek help and guidance.
Some of the evidence reported in this book comes from my personal life as a “self-scientist.” While these stories speak to the possible reality of Spirit and its potential emerging role in our lives, they are also “proof of concept” experiments, to show the possibility for further research on Spirit’s participation in our lives. And they show by example how to apply self-science in your own life, to draw on Spirit’s help and guidance.
This self-science is similar to what we all do every day when we follow our hunches, intuitions, or see connections between seemingly random events like repeated references to names or numbers, but it uses the objectivity of the scientific method, i.e., questioning everything and looking for independent confirmation. I believe these are often Spirit’s calling cards, and we will explore how to be more watchful for them and how to interpret their appearance.
As part of this exploration, I also reveal phenomena that occurred in actual laboratory experiments, intentionally designed and then formally approved by the University of Arizona Human Subjects Committee—as well as exploratory investigations in the early stages of experimental design where we scientists pre-tested ourselves—that also speak to this emerging reality.
Why Speak Out Now?
Though the critic will be quick to point out that none of this evidence is definitive—and I will be the first to agree—the thoughtful and caring reader will recognize that the information reported in this book speaks strongly to the possibility and promise of Spirit’s involvement in our personal lives and Spirit’s willingness to help us with day-to-day problems. This is a proof of concept book; it provides proof of possibility and promise of our sacred contract with spirit.
Given that time may be running out for humanity, I feel it is important that we act with some sense of urgency to address this opportunity. I believe—based on the evidence reported in this book—that Spirit is not only willing and able to assist us, but is insistent that we proceed and may have a broader understanding as to the urgency of the matter. Thus, I have written this book now because I believe, in my heart as well as my head, that if we continue to ignore our true spiritual nature and act in unhealthy ways, we will miss the opportunity to make corrective and wise choices in virtually all aspects of our individual and collective lives.
What is the Sacred Promise?
The Sacred Promise is all-important. It is more than just the title of this book and it has wide-reaching implications to understand. There are three levels of meaning to the phrase:
Level I: Spirit has made a sacred commitment to help humanity rediscover its fundamental spiritual nature and to work collaboratively with us to solve our pressing individual and global problems—that is, if we can awaken to Spirit’s existence and choose to accept its assistance.

Level II: Spirit has the potential to actively participate in scientific research and be as reliable and responsible as the scientists with whom it is working.
Level III: Science has the potential to determine, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Spirit exists and can play an essential role in our individual and collective lives.
The first level of the Sacred Promise of which this book speaks is the tangible commitment that the Spirit World has made to partner with each and every human being to solve our personal and societal problems while guiding us to our own spiritual essence. For many, particularly the scientists, this may seem a grandiose claim. I can assure you it is not. It is not just personal experience but actual scientific evidence—much of which is presented in this book—that demonstrates that Spirit itself is willing, able, and desiring to participate in the evolution towards happiness of all humanity.
For those more cautious in drawing scientific conclusions to what is clearly from a scientific perspective a work in progress in proving the above claim, there is the second level of meaning to the Sacred Promise which is easier for the scientist in you to accept. This is the clear indication, from the exploratory investigations and formal experiments reported in the following pages, that Spirit itself is actively participating in the research, which is demonstrating the potential truth of our ultimate hypothesis: that Spirit is the co-creator, with humanity, of humanity’s evolution.
For those unable to accept the second hypothesis that Spirit is actively participating as an equal scientific partner in our experiments, on the third level, I hold out the least controversial hypothesis: Science itself now has the tools to demonstrate that Spirit exists and plays an essential role in our individual and collective lives. For many, this hypothesis alone may have you scratching your head. How can science prove that spirit exists? Isn’t science all about proving that spirit does not need to exist to prove our scientific laws and hypotheses? Doesn’t the mere acceptance of spirit interfere with true scientific inquiry? Again the answer is a resounding no.
I may be working in the realm of new science, but my findings are real science and true science. I am not alone in contemplating the existence of a zero point, where all memory and all energy continue to exist forever. For example, Dr. Ervin László has done pioneering work in contemplating the relationship between science and the Akashic Field, and he is but one of many scientists from a variety of disciplines creating experiments to test and verify the role of spirit in everyday life.
The Sacred Promise is intended to open your eyes to the new world before us. As Carole King wrote and sang, “I can see you’ve had a change in mind; what we need is a change in heart.” My hope is that you will read The Sacred Promise with both your mind and heart. There has never been a time of such urgency for hearts to be equal partners with our minds in directing our day-to-day life choices. For me the proposition is straightforward. Each of us needs to answer the question for ourselves. Are we ready to accept this Sacred Promise to work with spirit to create a world which honors both our hearts and our minds?”
Excerpt From Gary Schwartz.
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The Top Ten Quickest Ways to Boost Your Happiness

JonRPortrait-7_slightlySmaller-237x300By Jonathan Robinson, Author of Find Happiness Now: 50 Shortcuts for Bringing More Love, Balance and Joy Into Your Life
“Articles with titles like this usually offer up simple platitudes for being happy, such as “accept everyone,” or “live a balanced life.”  While those ideas are true, they are also basically worthless. Such platitudes are so general that they don’t really give you anything that impacts your daily life. This article is different. I’m going to tell you what scientific research shows are the top 10 things you can quickly do to boost your level of happiness. By doing any of the 10 items that follow, you will almost surely feel dramatically better in under three minutes. In addition, by combining items from the list below, you can increase their effectiveness even more…

10. Look at pictures of people and animals you love on your smartphone or computer. As you look at each picture, remember an enjoyable time you had with them, and send them a silent wish that they live a happy and productive life.

9. Exercise-even if only for 3 minutes. Take a quick brisk walk, do some jumping jacks, whatever gets your heart going and your lungs breathing more deeply. In even a minute you’ll start to feel better. Hallelujah for such a simple thing.

8. Give someone money. Research shows that when we give to a needy person money, we immediately feel better about ourselves. It helps another person too, so it’s a win-win.

7. Get cooler. By going from a hot or warm environment to a cooler one, our mood and sense of happiness tends to go up. Hooray for air conditioning!

6. Work towards an important goal. Whether it be cleaning your desk or selling more widgets, when you feel like you’re making progress towards a specific and important goal, you invariably feel better. Just by reading all the way through this article, you’ll have achieved something-so you’ll feel good.

5. Tune into the power of gratitude. Just saying a sincere “Thank you” to people who serve you at a restaurant or bag your groceries can be a quick happiness booster. Another thing you can do to feel grateful is to write down three things you currently feel grateful for in your life. They could be big things-such as your children, or small things such as the great burger you had for lunch. By writing them down, you’ll immediately see that there is a lot of good in your life.

4. Do a 90-second “heart meditation” that consists of taking a deep breath and imagining exhaling out the center of your chest. Then, close your eyes and imagine someone you love-such as a pet, child, or friend. Remember special times with this being, and bask in the gratitude that they’re in your life. If you want, imagine hugging or holding them in a way that helps you to feel connected to them. This simple method can take you from stressed out to blissed out in about 90 seconds. Research shows that doing this for one minute can reduce your stress hormones for up to five hours.

3. Spend time with a beloved pet, toddler, and/or nature environment. Pets, young kids, and trees live in the moment they are in. You and I, on the other hand, spend most our time thinking about the past or worrying about the future. If you spend time playing with a pet, toddler, or enjoying nature, some of their ability to be present in the moment will rub off on you…

2. Play a song that you really enjoy and sing along. Here’s something to try: sing along with I Wanna Hold Your Hand by the Beatles and try to feel depressed. You can’t do it. By singing along with your favorite songs, you can lift yourself out of almost any bad mood.

1. … And, the winner for the single most effective way to quickly boost your happiness is: do an act of kindness for a stranger or friend. Yep, it’s true. When you do a small act of kindness, you feel better, your friend feels better, and the world has a bit more kindness in it.   Even something small like saying what you appreciate about someone will immediately boost your level of well-being-as well as theirs.

…So now that you know the top 10 ways to quickly boost your happiness level, do something about it! The world could use a lot more happy people. After all, happy people are less selfish than “normal” people, they’re more productive, they make more money, and they are healthier than the rest of us. One simple way to boost your happiness this moment is for you to forward this article to friends and family. By doing that, you’ll be doing an act of kindness (the #1 booster!!), and helping those you care about feel even happier. What could be better than that? Do it now!”
Jonathan Robinson is the author of Find Happiness Now: 50 Shortcuts for Bringing More Love, Balance and Joy Into Your Life (Redwheel/Weiser/ Conari, March 2014) a fun book offering easy ways to create more fulfillment and real lasting happiness. Robinson has taught more than 100 million people simple ways to be happier–through TV shows such as Oprah and CNN, and with his nine best-selling books. In his latest book, he focuses on ideas and methods that can be done in under three minutes-yet still have a dramatic impact on a person’s life. For information, www.FindingHappiness dot com. 

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There is Only One Entrance

8468530_origBy Sara Wiseman

“Birth is the only way we enter this world, and death is our only exit. We all share this truth of human existence—and yet our births and our deaths are as individual unique as each of us. Imagine!
A new soul, entering the world from the vessel of another body! A new soul, arriving by Divine choice and by Divine selection of a particular mother, a particular father.
The miracle of welcoming a new soul affects us so deeply, it’s almost impossible to express everything we hold in our heart. Sit down a group of mothers of any age or stage of childrearing, and the stories will come tumbling out …
“My first child struggled, and was delivered by cesarean. She spent three days in intensive care.”
“My baby was delivered in two hours, it was the easiest, most beautiful thing I’d ever known.”
“We delivered our youngest on the side of the highway, while racing to the hospital.”
“My fifth child came on a full moon, on the eve of summer solstice.”
“My child arrived with a full head of black hair, which he has kept to this day.”
Each birth, so breathtakingly unique. The baby is born. The baby is cleansed. The baby is swaddled and returned to the mother, and the moment is overwhelmingly beautiful.
This is how we humans enter the world, and it is a miracle.
Most us don’t remember the moment of our birth—the seconds in which we were pulled from our mother’s warm, sustaining womb into a new life.
Of course, some of us do—in my work as a spiritual teacher and intuitive counselor, I often guide people in past life regressions. Doing this work, I’ve come across a few folks who do indeed recall their gestation, their birth, the weeks and months after birth when they were very new to the world. These people recall holding the very stars in their eyes until those memories gently fade, and by age four or five they have replaced the dazzling energy of the Universe, with the more gritty reality of life on earth.
Yet most of us remember nothing of our births, of these early years. We don’t remember the Universe reflected in our eyes. We don’t recall the mystery. Many of us don’t even awaken to the miracle of our own humanity until the ages of 13, 26, 49, 78.
When any child is born however, there is a universal knowing that this is a miracle. We understand with deep recognition that there is now a new soul on earth, and that this innocent new being will surely live, love, struggle, learn, and embark on life’s path with his or her destiny already partly foretold by the time and place in which he or she is born.
Will he succeed? Will she fail? Will he find love? Will she marry?
Will he have life’s passion? Will she have a life’s purpose?
Will he or she find the Divine as a guiding post, so that their hearts may be opened fully, and that each moment may appear as miraculous as the moment of their birth, in which they are born, cleansed, swaddled?
We don’t know. Life is a mystery. At the moment of a new soul’s birth, a new entry into this world, we see this clearly: how little we know, how much is mystery—how much is sheer wonder. And at this moment, we revisit again the progression of our own lives, and the miracle it is to have a lifetime at all.

Close your eyes, and allow yourself to drift into a memory of when you were born, a new soul to the world. You may recall the blanket you had, the room you slept in, a toy. You may be surprised, how much you remember! Think about your birth, and give thanks that you were born, to experience this lifetime. (Excerpted from Living a Life of Gratitude).

Sara Wiseman is a spiritual teacher, intuitive and author of six insightful books on spirituality and intuition, including Living a Life of Gratitude. She is the founder of Intuition University, hosts the popular radio show Ask Sara, and is a top contributor to DailyOM, InspireMeToday, Aspire and more. Visit her at sarawiseman dot com

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Scientists: Wake Up, America! US Climate Inaction Imperils Earth

The Key to Evolving Beyond Ego

Craig-hamiltonA Free Online Seminar with Craig Hamilton

Can we actually evolve beyond ego?
What would be possible for our lives—and our world—if we could actually evolve beyond our egocentric nature for good? This obstacle to our higher evolution is one that many struggle with on the spiritual path, but Craig Hamilton has discovered a way to catapult ourselves out of its grip. In his 90-minute seminar The Key To Evolving Beyond Ego, he offers an illuminating perspective on ego, provocatively evokes the possibilities that lie beyond it, and shares a step-by-step process for leaving it behind—by aligning with an accessible but hidden spiritual capacity within each of us. The seminar is free and takes place on Thursday, March 27 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time. Click here for access information and to learn more about it.

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The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness

photo-2Notes world renowned painter, healer and author Jacqueline Ripstein: “With my art there is a moment of INSPIRATION, an impact, as the energy and higher octave vibrations are automatically transmitted to his inner self and his/her vibration is raised, going beyond the barriers of the mind. Each of my paintings acts as a mirror that reflects our souls and releases the true Inner Light reality within each of us.” The messages from 15 of Jacqueline’s paintings are thoughtful and thought-provoking, offering clues to personal metamorphosis. Lesson III is offered below.

The following is an excerpt from The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness, by Jacqueline Ripstein

Lesson lll
Everything flows out and in. Everything has its tides. All things rise and fall.
The pendulum swing manifests in everything. The measure of the swing to
the right is the measure of the swing to the left. Rhythm compensates.
The Kybalion
The boat symbolizes our journey through Life, our journey through
the physical world.
The ocean symbolizes Spirituality and Life.
A calm ocean represents a state of inner Peace and emotional balance.
A turbulent ocean symbolizes pain, anxiety, stress.
Life is a Spiritual journey.

Life’s high tides and storms make us feel beaten. We may face death, loss of health, loss of wealth, feel pain or anger, or both. When we experience any of these tests, we often feel despair.

In this lesson we encounter our third level of awareness…Life itself! As we encounter Life’s many tests, we get closer to discovering our Spirit, our true self that lives in our Invisible World. When we awaken to know our Spirit, then the trials, storms, and tests of Life will not crush us. Our Spirit is Eternal and nothing can destroy it.

The tide represents the back and forth swing of emotions that we are constantly experiencing in our lives. Sometimes we find ourselves up, and sometimes we are down. The times that we are down represent an opportunity to move up again.

The ocean is Life and movement. The salt water of the sea is contained in our tears; it is the water of the maternal womb.

Take a moment to reflect. Breathe . . . reflect on the painting of Life. What do you see?

The sky reflects the forces of Light, Faith, Joy, and Hope. This Light is ignited within us. As we recognize it, we glean the knowledge that Life is worth living.

The wind blows slowly, caressing the water that moves with the flow of Life. The sun nourishes and gives Life to everything, including the ocean. The water comes and goes; the vast sea of Life rocks us with its
flow. Emotions swirl, seconds pass, spring and winter, Life and Death. All endings represent a new beginning.

There is calmness, but suddenly chaos enters our lives, and we are not always prepared. The wind blows stronger and the waves begin to roar with force and rise with the invisible energy that drives them. A storm has been created. Its force destroys everything in its path. Life at that moment is testing us. Powerful, unconscious feelings arise and uncertainty or painful situations begin. The trials have started.

In this lesson we are receiving the “anchors” to avoid the drifting of “our boat” and our lives.

A storm is often necessary to unmask the ego, to destroy the masks that we have unconsciously created by our need to protect ourselves. We try to pretend that we are perfect as we cover up our fears of being judged or talked about by others. Our low self-esteem covers itself with a million masks. We disguise the greed, egoism, anger, rage, pain or hate that we may feel. A storm is needed to help cleanse all of this energy from our lives and unburden us. The destruction caused by the storm unmasks the world of illusions we have created and leads to the construction of a new Life.

Growth requires forgiveness as we reconstruct our lives. First, we must forgive ourselves, knowing that we are doing the best we know how, accepting that we are the creators of our lives. Our “mistakes” are but
guidelines leading us onto the right track. As we confront ourselves with humility, we must understand that all experiences also help exalt our lives.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. We see Life in the Present moment through the different experiences we have had in our lives. It is important to recognize that we are doing the best that we can within the realm of what we know. We can only overcome a problem from the level of Consciousness we have at the Present moment. But Consciousness continues to grow. One step takes us to the next, and one level of Consciousness will trigger the next one in a never-ending process. As we grow, we awaken to new realities of our own Being. We become more responsible for our own actions, and this sense of responsibility enables us to respond in better ways when a storm hits. Darkness gives us the opportunity to understand that what we are really aiming for is Light, a Life of Peace, Empathy, Compassion, and Love.

Drifting from the Present moment can cause us to lose focus in the real world; the world of illusion traps us again and again.

Our lives can be symbolized by a boat. Often we are afraid of the vast ocean of Life, afraid of facing the storm and its destruction. How many times have we felt that there was nothing more we could do, that we were drowning in weariness and pain? When we lose hope and faith we have lost our survival tools.

After we experience pain, tragedy, loss, and setbacks, we become more alive and often without realizing it, we take a step upwards toward the Light. In the painting of Life in this lesson, we see the Boat of Life destroyed. Its fragments float and the pieces drift apart, reminding us of the fragility of Life. We feel destroyed, empty, drifting in pieces. We doubt we can move forward. When we view the painting under the Invisible Light, then we see that the boat is still there, complete. We awaken to the Truth within us.

We know we are safe, our Spirit is complete…we Survive.

No test can really destroy us. The Soul, our Spirit, is Eternal.

Jacqueline Ripstein is an internationally renowned artist who has inspired hundreds of thousands of people all over the world through her highly vibrational art, books, self-awareness seminars and workshops. Since childhood, her deepest desire has been to reveal the unseen dimensions that influence the course of people’s lives. Here amazing artwork–rendered in three different light wavelengths (normal, black light and a combination of both)–awakens people to the unconscious parts of themselves and the unseen world around them. Her art reveals the Light within and the Invisible dimensions that create one’s everyday life, and often inspires instantaneous healing, which has been scientifically documented. Her astonishing new book The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness pairs 15 of her incredible images with life lessons that open the door to personal metamorphosis. For more information, go to Jacqueline’s website.

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