The One Percent Rule

By Gina Gabellini Just because you’re getting stuff done doesn’t mean you’re happy, profitable, or growing your business. Let’s look at Jack’s business. He’s a truly intelligent man with a revolutionary way of helping mid- to large-size companies create rock star teams. When people hear Jack talk, they listen. He’s inspiring and innovative. Jack built […]

Showing Our Age

Hello dear friends, the main NCR website got broken, and sadly we don’t have the money to have it fixed. All our content is still available through the links on the menus, but the menu disappears when you click a link, so to get back to the previous page you’ll need to click the back […]

The Inner Life of Animals:

Love, Grief, and Compassion—Surprising Observations of a Hidden World Peter Wohlleben Did you know certain species of birds mate and sleep while airborn? That a tick, (those teensy vampires), can go almost a year between meals? That pigs prefer to be clean, designating an area for their toilet, and squirrels can’t seem to remember where […]

Mr. Dickens and His Carol

A Novel of Christmas Past by Samantha Silva Following the flop of his latest book, Charles Dickens is given a month’s time to come up with a Christmas story, or his publishers will deduct funds from his monthly stipend. Dickens is hardly in the Christmas spirit, dodging mounting debt, relatives seeking handouts, and readers who’ve […]

Quarterly Astrology Forecast: September- November 2017

By Mark Dodich Although you could make an argument that every fall season is a time to buckle down and get serious, this fall is going to be serious on steroids. Mental Mercury started this productive tone while it was retrograde August 12-September 5. It started giving you hints about where you needed to get […]

Hay House Mourns the Passing of Louise Hay

Our beloved friend and founder Louise Hay transitioned this morning, August 30, 2017 of natural causes at age 90. She passed peacefully in her sleep. Louise was an incredible visionary and advocate. Everyone who had the privilege to meet her, either in person or through her words, felt her passion for serving others. Considered a […]

A Guide for the Perplexed

Jonathan Levi’s scintillating narrative explodes like fireworks across the page, undulating sinuously across centuries to weave a tapestry of history, drama, passion, sound and color. The drama reveals itself like three-dimensional tic-tac-toe, drawing connecting lines to the present-day stories of two women stranded in Spain by an airline strike. The themes are both universal and […]